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13 Best Coil Pack for 5.4 Triton [Our Top Picks & Buying Guide]

Best Coil Pack for 5.4 Triton

If you’re having trouble starting your vehicle, the first thing you should check is the ignition system. This includes the integrated coil pack. If this system is not working properly, it will need to be replaced.
There are a variety of vehicular models that require a specified ignition coil. The 5.4 Triton is a common type. Many models from Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln feature the 5.4 Triton.
Still, you must ensure compatibility and functionality. So which one should you get for replacement?
You will need to get a coil pack that is suitable for your needs. The best coil pack for 5.4 tritons will help improve the overall performance of your engine.
We reviewed the top coil packs for 5.4 tritons so you know which ones to consider.

Best Coil Pack for 5.4 Triton – Comparison Table

7 Best 5.4 Triton Coil Pack Reviews

We’ve got a quick comparison of top picks right away. Every time you need a part of an integral engine function, you have to be careful with your choice.
We have now gone over all the necessary details for you to get the best gear. It is time to take a look at reviews of the best ignition coil for 5.4 tritons below.

1. Bravex B1011-BX-UP Coil Pack

Bravex B1011-BX-UP Coil Pack(Heavy Duty Di-Electric Epoxy Coil for a Smooth Drive)

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Bravex
  • Weight: 3.85 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.53 x 11.14 x 2.05 inches
  • Part Number: ‎Y1011-BX-UP
To start the system without compromising safety, detonate the combustion chamber fuel. Bravex brings in B1011-BX-UP to ensure a performing system.
The conductivity is so great that it ensures maximum usability, even after prolonged use. With di-electric epoxy, it retains full efficiency to deliver a lethal voltage.
The ignition coil provides a quick, powerful spark that is sure to save energy. With its upgraded functionality, you’ll get 15% more energy than with standard OE coils.
The best coil packs for ford 5.4 come with superb fitment and unrivaled compatibility. It is also suitable for several standard Lincoln & Mercury vehicles.

Features & Benefits

The ultimate goal is to increase the output voltage to trigger the spark. And that’s where Breavex excels, with maximum efficiency. Compared to conventional OE (synthetic) coils, the increased efficiency is as high as 15%.
The overall construction of this coil provides unparalleled conductivity for voltage, resulting in almost immediate spark. This helps to exile any problems related to the initial startup. The coil also features additional epoxy for improved di-electric performance.
A complete 8-pack unit is ready to provide successful engine start-up. With smooth performance and hardly any misfire or hesitation, the compatible systems remain completely safe against deadly voltage generation.
The ignition coil is designed to fit easily into several different types of vehicle engines. It works best with 5.4L V8 engines, but can also be used with 4.6L V10 systems. It is compatible with a variety of Ford, Mercury and Lincoln models.

2. Motorcraft DG508GREEN Coil Pack

Motorcraft DG508GREEN Coil Pack(Find Higher Energy Output with Lower Emission)

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: MAS
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.89 x 9.17 x 3.94 inches
  • Model Number: DG508GREEN SP479
You’ll definitely have the best experience starting up your vehicle with the right spark plug. Motorcraft’s high-end DG508GREEN promises maximum satisfaction.
Regarding OE coils, it’s the ultimate standard for engines. There comes no compromise with quality, efficiency and safety. Its built is ready to meet or exceed certain OE specifications.

With dependable functionality, it surely can save your engine troubles. Strict construction and testing ensures topmost quality for a smooth engine startup.

Although it is dedicated to V8 engines, you will still benefit from excellent compatibility. Not to mention that the 5. L system is quite useful even with the .6L engine.

Features & Benefits

Designed for specific applications, gasket tubes are engineered to provide extreme durability. With high quality materials, the building remains unbelievably intact.

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The ignition coil here meets the highest standards among other systems. With its unparalleled quality, it is sure to meet or exceed your expectations. Rigorous testing ensuring maximum quality is carried out in the field.

With its huge output efficiency, the coil provides a low emission. On the right engines, it gives a smooth and reliable start. Excellent heat resistance against overheating problems to maintain functionality.

Obviously, the coil must adapt to the target vehicle. As for spark plugs, it is suitable for .6L/5. L V8 engines. Whether it’s the usual Ford, Mercury or Lincoln, you should go immediately.

3. ENA ENAIC1115108 Coil Pack

ENA ENAIC1115108 Coil Pack(Most Popular Coil Pack With Winding Design)


Technical Specs:

  • Brand: ENA
  • Weight: ‎3.36 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.24 x 7.48 x 1.89 inches
  • Model Number: DG508 C1454 C1417
Start up faster with ENA motor-specific coil packages. In fact, the best ignition coil brand promises to offer the most reliable options.

In fact, his ENAIC1115108 is still extremely popular among the affected users. Designed for V8 engines only, it can service both .6L and 5. L equally.

With durable materials ensures maximum ease of maintenance. No incidents of corrosion, wear or overheating. It provides a perfect spark without compromising safety.

Obviously you can use the coil for curved boots, not for straight boots. The equipment range is pretty good, relative to some of the more popular vehicles.

Features & Benefits

The frame is made of high-quality materials that are built to last. The interior is designed for maximum efficiency, and the exterior is both functional and stylish.
Its durable construction ensures minimal reduction of many of its effective mechanical advantages. Without any issues, the system boots to a strong and fairly fast boot. It thus maintains a high gain for the spark voltage on the output.

Extremely high resistance to mechanical overheating ensures safer operation. Additional resistance to corrosion and wear helps to initiate a safe ignition at all times. The absence of unnecessary heat induction protects the material from friction/temperature damage.

In terms of equipment, it is compatible with select Ford, Mercury and Lincoln vehicles. Not to mention, the V8 engine system is easily matched with both .6L and 5. L ratios.

4. Motovecor DG508-HC Coil Pack

Motovecor DG508-HC Coil Pack(OE Standardized & Make Your Truck Perform Like a New One)


Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Motovecor
  • Weight: ‎3.76 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.73 x 14.48 x 2.01 inches
  • Model Number: DG508-HC
It is indeed difficult to deal with standard and perfect OE coils for engine ignition. Thanks to Motovecor, the problem no longer exists with its ubiquitous ignition coils.

DG508HC is engine ready for reliable starting. Compliant with OE standards, the coil is designed to still fit models from 1998 to 2008.

With outstanding quality for the frame, it is even certified for quality assurance. Unlike conventional OE coils, the upgraded system offers 15% higher efficiency.

When it comes to mounting, you’re sure to benefit from unparalleled compatibility. It is quite perfect for some Ford F series besides Mercury, Lincoln and Grand Marquis.

Features & Benefits

The entire system is made of high-quality materials for unrivaled performance from top to bottom. There is nothing to worry about in terms of its overall effectiveness in regards to the materials included. Solid metal components provide excellent durability to the engine mount.

Meets all OE standards, it is likely to exceed satisfaction quite often. In fact, your engine will be 15% more efficient at best.

Developed for 2-valve modular engines, you get supreme functionality. It can match .6L, ​​5. L and even 6.8L engine perfectly. Thanks to its outstanding efficiency, the system received a recognized certification.

When you seriously consider its compatibility, you can hardly find any alternatives. Almost all regular Ford F series with Mercury and Lincoln fit this one.

5. ENA ENAICJ1151 Coil Pack

ENA ENAICJ1151 Coil Pack(An Expert Racing Coil With Upgrading Design for Most Road Conditions)

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: ENA
  • Weight: ‎3.34 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.4 x 1.6 inches
  • Part Number: ‎ENAICJ1151
Enjoy a reliable and quite convenient start every time for the car engine. Likewise, ENA brings in another premium ignition coil to aid in engine function. Its

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ENAICJ1151 allows you to upgrade the original system greatly. Developed for V8 engines, this system is suitable for .6L, ​​5. L and 6.8L engines.

Ultimate durability with unrivaled functionality prevails through high-quality materials. Withstands harsh and adverse conditions, it produces a strong and reliable spark.

By browsing the assembly table, you will immediately discover compatible part numbers. It goes well with Ford, Mercury, Lincoln and even VPG.

Features & Benefits

Allowing you to upgrade your existing system will enable direct replacement. From top to bottom, it consists of high quality materials to provide reliable service. Without affecting the output voltage, it provides excellent durability against burning.

No wear, corrosion or friction will damage its function. Thanks to its higher resistance, it can safely operate under extreme conditions.

Has a safe but reasonably strong spark output throughout. Therefore, a strong spark will trigger the quick-start engine from the spark plug.

For the replacement of the 5. triton coil package, it is a compatible option. In fact, the coil easily fits most Ford, Mercury and Lincoln systems.

6. CarBole CB-10202054 Coil Pack

CarBole CB-10202054 Coil Pack(Produce Higher Toque Under Lots of Stress

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: CarBole
  • Weight: 4.04 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 7.4 x 2 inches
  • Part Number: CB-10202006
When you need a reliable curved starter, this is really the optimal choice. CarBole presents a perfect ignition coil package to meet your needs.

It provides more power to start the engine quickly and safely. Without affecting the overall function, it is ready to replace your old motor windings.

Not to mention, the increased torque provides excellent gas mileage. Improved overall drivability, your engine gets a new life.

From the output voltage to the required spark, it’s sure to make the day. Designed specifically for the 1998 to 2008 models, it is undeniably a compatible choice.

Features & Benefits

The ergonomic coil pack features the highest quality construction materials. Resistant to quality deterioration agents, ensuring maximum excellence throughout the process. In fact, the curved starter system trigger offers unparalleled durability.

Thanks to the improved mechanism, it produces higher torque. As a result, you will get better acceleration in regards to instantaneous throttle response. Thanks to the impromptu fuel economy, the effect is likely to hit the roof all the time.

Powerful ignition provides additional output voltage amplification for spark action. Not forgetting that it is still 10 to 15% more efficient than aging resistors.

Whether .6 L, 5. L or 6.8 L, it ensures maximum functionality. With a modular 2-valve engine, it is compatible with Ford, Mercury and Lincoln.

7. Megaflint MF-508 Coil Pack

Megaflint MF-508 Coil Pack(Upgrade 15% More Power for Your Ford F150 With Premium Materials)


Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Megaflint
  • Weight: ‎3.69 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎14.61 x 14.37 x 2.05 inches
  • Part Number: MF-508
The high-performance gasket is ready to be replaced and is therefore an improvement on the physical stock. From Megaflint, it is a reliable choice for burning engine fuel with optimum safety.

With materials of the highest quality, it remains resistant to harsh conditions. Not to mention it has great resistance to electricity, wear and corrosion.

Thanks to a high level of OE standardization, it has increased efficiency. Stronger spark from high voltage output for fast and smooth starting.

The V8 engine system works well with .6L, ​​5. L and 6.8L types. This system is still extremely safe with many conventional car models.

Features & Benefits

It has silicone magnetic steel and high temperature epoxy with German copper wire. Ensuring maximum reliability, the coil generates a safe amplification of the battery voltage. Without affecting the output voltage, it provides excellent durability against burning.

Unlike most cheap OE coils, it has no reason to function. It keeps the overall efficiency of the system longer.

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Eliminate the hesitation, no fire issues with the best coil packs for Ford 5. tritons here. With a V8 engine, there’s no need to worry about engine safety.

The highly engineered system easily fits most models from 1998 to 2008. The equipment chart contains all applicable part numbers.

If you’re looking to replace the coil pack in your Ford 5.4, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, it’s important to choose a quality product, as a poor-quality coil pack can have a negative impact on your engine’s performance. Second, you’ll need to make sure that the coil pack you select is compatible with your vehicle. With these factors in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best coil packs on the market for the Ford 5.4.

Material Quality

Without hesitation, the first thing to ensure is durability and efficiency. And for that, you will have to consider the build quality. Its star material is still metal; you will need to check its strength and supporting characteristics.

Clearly, a solid external structure will hold the system in its intended position. In addition, the frame must resist overheating, wear, and frictional corrosion.

Output efficiency

Finally calculate the spark efficiency. Without a powerful, powerful and high voltage amplifier, you are unlikely to witness an effective spark. For the fuel chamber to ignite properly, a sufficient output voltage is required.

Faulty/poor/slow starting can cause serious engine damage. This is where the chosen one must win everything in his or her way.

Engine Fitment

Even the best on the market is useless if it’s not compatible. In fact, this is the first thing to determine before approaching a store. You will need to determine the engine type, vehicle model, and part number.

Most coil packs for 5. tritons are suitable for Ford FSeries, Mercury and Lincoln vehicles. Furthermore, it can work with .6L and even 6.8L depending on the specs.

Ignition Safety

You don’t want anything that causes your heart to crash when starting up. Instead, it’s important to install the safest option possible. Correct installation of the most suitable winding can eliminate any risks associated with motor sparking.

Affordable Price

The most suitable choice comes with a balance between needs and pocket. Overall packing, the price remains reasonable in most cases. For the purposes of an individual unit, it is difficult to manage a unit, ensuring satisfactory operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the 5.4 triton coil pack bolt size?

Our Answer:

For the majority of cases from 1997 to 2008, the coil retaining bolt is 7mm in size.

Q: How do I know if my F150 coil pack is bad?

Our Answer:

F150 coil pack failure is characterized by sooner lighting of the engine, abnormal acceleration, rough idling & misfiring.

Q: How to repair the ignition coil pack?

Our Answer: 

Fixing the ignition coil is a delicate process. Unless you are familiar with the inner workings, it is best to consult with nearby engine service providers.

Q: What’s Ford F150 Coil Pack Replacement Cost?

Our Answer:

The cost of the task depends on the task itself, but the average cost is $721 to $1061. This includes the cost of parts, which is $670 to $1000, and the cost of labor, which is $50 to $65.

Our Final Thoughts

The engine is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. It can’t work without ignition. A good coil pack for 5.4 tritons ensures a higher voltage output while still keeping emissions low. In other words, the best vehicles are those with a working engine and reliable ignition.
The Bravex B1011-BX-UP Coil Pack is the ultimate prize for its durability, reliability, and functionality. It provides maximum service for engine ignition and is compatible with common models like Ford F-Series, Mercury, Lincoln, and others.