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Can you modify a Acura TSX?

Modifications to the Acura TSX are extremely popular. While performance upgrades are nothing new, there are some critical building blocks that should be considered to ensure you unleash your vehicle’s maximum potential. Below are a few things worth doing to properly modify your car for horsepower and handling.

How fast can an Acura TSX 2011 go?

According to ProfessCars™ estimation this Acura is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 8.6 sec, from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 sec, from 0 to 160 km/h (100 mph) in 22.5 sec, from 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 47.9 sec and the quarter mile drag time is 16.4 sec.

What kind of suspension does Acura TSX have?

Since the TSX uses a multi-link, independent rear suspension, the wheels can behave just like the front and cause steering inputs you did not call for. You can easily check the back wheels the same way you did the fronts.

Did the Acura TSX have a V6?

Starting for the 2010 model year, the TSX was available with a V6 engine, offering a substantial jump in power compared to the four-cylinder variants. However, the additional power does come with a couple of caveats. To the dismay of many car enthusiasts, the V6 models were only offered with an automatic transmission.

What does RL stand for on Acura?

The RL was the flagship of the marque, having succeeded the Acura Legend, and was replaced in 2013 by the Acura RLX. All models of the Legend, RL and RLX lines have been adapted from the Japanese domestic market Honda Legend. The model name “RL” is an abbreviation for “Refined Luxury.”

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What do wheel offset numbers mean?

Offset refers to how your car’s or truck’s wheels and tires are mounted and sit in the wheel wells. Zero wheel offset is when the hub mounting surface is in line with the centerline of the wheel.

Are wider tires better?

There’s a reason why the majority of cars have wide rather than narrow tires. Overall, wider tires are better for dry surfaces and for high-performance vehicles. Greater surface area allows for better day-to-day traction and durability.

Can I put a different tire size on my car?

Wheels and tires are not interchangeable words. Tires are a part of the wheel setup. For instance, your vehicle has a set size of rims, but you can buy different sizes of tires to fit those rims, as long as the middle of the tires is the correct size.

What does LT mean on a tire?

If a tire size reads, LT235/75R15 104/101S, the LT indicates that this tire is meant for Light Truck use. These tires are made for light-duty and heavy-duty pickup trucks (typically ½ ton, ¾ ton, or 1-ton load capacity), SUVs and vans.

Is the TSX fun to drive?

For under $5,000, the Acura TSX is a fun, dependable daily driver. With technology that still holds up and a solid suite of features, the 2008 model is far from outdated. Overall, it’s an excellent option for anyone with luxury taste on a budget.