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How do I know what fitment fits my wheels?

Put simply, to find if your wheels will fit your car, measure the distance from your wheel’s center point to where it is mounted. This is the offset. Add that to half your wheel’s width to find the back space and subtract it to find the front space. Compare this to your wheel well to see if it fits.

How can I get perfect fitment?

How much offset can I have on my wheels?

Even if the tire and wheel have enough clearance, the wrong offset can decrease vehicle stability. Generally, with new wheels, you don’t want the new offset to be more than 5 millimeters different from the old offset.

Are all 5 bolt patterns the same?

The five lug pattern remains a common trait for passenger cars and light trucks, even in modern automobile manufacturing, but every company has a different approach. For instance, General Motors wheels had two common bolt patterns, 5×4-3/4-inch and 5×5-inch.

What is 40mm offset?

With the declared positive offset of 40, the wheel’s mounting pad is located 40mm from the center line, towards wheel’s front face, being 40mm from the center line position which is at 88.9mm.

What is flush fitment?

Flush fitment means that the wheel is pretty much perfectly aligned with the fender. This is by far the most common fitment type from stock, especially for performance-oriented cars.

What does 40 offset look like?

Do wheel spacers affect alignment?

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Since wheel spacers push the rims out, many enthusiasts would like to get some nice spacers along with new wheels and tires for a more aggressive and muscular stance. They change the position of the wheels. But no, they will not affect your alignment. You will not need an alignment if you just add wheel spacers.

How do you increase wheel offset?

In this case, you need to use spacers. There are many wheel spacers with varying thicknesses which allow you to change the offset of your wheels quickly and easily. Wheel spacers essentially increase the distance from the centre of the wheel to the hub, thus reducing positive offset.

How do I make my tires look meaty?

you can always go 10mm wider tread width or a taller aspect ratio i.e 265/35 to a 265/40- that gives more sidewall ‘bulge’ so to speak and looks meatier. Also, not all 265mm tires measure the same, some tire companies make a narrower 265mm and some tires companies make a wider 265mm tire.