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How do I turn off the screen on my Acura?

Push the upper part of the “Settings” button (below screen, left of joystick), then select “Off” for the display.

How do I reset my Acura?

How do I turn off my Acura TL?

How do I reset my Acura navigation code?

Where is the Acura navigation code?

The Radio/Navigation Code and the device unit’s serial number are listed on the anti-theft ID card that comes with the vehicle. The card is usually placed in the glove box at the time of delivery. The navigation system serial number label is located on the control unit.

How do I enter my Acura navigation code?

How do I access the settings on my 2021 Acura RDX?

How do I use my Acura RDX infotainment?

How do you reset the 2017 Honda navigation system?

A Honda navigation system must be reset in order to update the map data. When the system is on, press and hold down the “MENU” button on the main screen for five seconds. This will bring up a menu with various options including “Map Update.” Select this option to begin updating your map data.

How do you reset a car’s infotainment system?

Press and hold the power button on the infotainment system (NOT the main car pwr button) for about 5 seconds. (The screen will then display “Starting…” and the infotainment system will reboot.)