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How fast is an Acura TLX 0 to 60?

The 2021 TLX can accelerate from 0-60mph in only 4.7 seconds when using the twin-turbo V6 option in the 2021 TLX Type S model.

Does the 2007 Acura TSX have VTEC?

Power for the 2007 TSX comes from an advanced 2.4-liter DOHC i-VTEC™ in-line 4-cylinder that produces 205 hp SAE net (Rev 8/04).

Do Acura TSX need premium gas?

All the Acura models we’ve mentioned previously are designed specifically for premium fuel, and have knock sensors to lessen the possibility of pre-ignition. Although your Acura can operate effectively with regular gas, you won’t be able to take full advantage of your vehicle’s performance capabilities.

Which Acura is the fastest?

With an approximate top speed of roughly 191 mph and a 0 to 60 mph time of about 3.1 seconds, the Acura NSX is undoubtedly the fastest production model in the Acura lineup.

How fast is Acura MDX 0-60?

The 2022 Acura MDX can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in just 6.3 seconds, thanks to its 3.5-liter V6 engine. Boasting some great acceleration and a shocking amount of power, speed comes easy to the 2022 Acura MDX.

Can I put 87 in my TSX?

87 is not going to hurt your engine. The ECU will compensate for it. I accidently put 87 in my ride once when I first got it (this is my first 91+ octane car) and it was fine. If you’re in a pinch, I’m sure it will be OK till you can afford 91+ again.

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Can I put regular gas in my TSX?

While your luxury vehicle can run on lower-octane, or regular, gas without causing any damage to the engine, premium gasoline lets you experience the ultimate in performance behind the wheel. Acura vehicles in particular are created with high performance in mind.

Is Acura TSX good gas?

Fuel economy is good at 23 mpg with the smooth five-speed automatic, but the car requires premium fuel. Interior fit and finish are impressive, but the cabin is relatively snug.

What year Acura TSX is the best?

The 2014 Acura TSX is the best model year, it has received the fewest number of complaints overall and has the most up-to-date features and tech.

Is 5 seconds a fast 0-60?

Find cars that accelerate to 60 miles per hour between 5-5.99 seconds. These fast cars referred to as “5 second cars” were once reserved for only top end supercars, although with the advancements in automotive engineering, 5 second 0-60 times have become more common and open to everyday performance-oriented cars.