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How much does it cost to replace a fog light cover?

The price of an aftermarket fog light cover may fall anywhere between $1 to $1,500, depending on factors like its set inclusions, brand, color or finish, and warranty. If you’re planning to have your fog light cover installed by a professional mechanic, it may cost you an additional $150 up to $450.

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Do fog lights need to be yellow?

And, that’s why fog lights with yellow color are preferred by car drivers, especially in bad weather conditions. Yellow color is less frustrating for the eyes than blue or white shades. The purpose behind using selective yellow light is to improve the visibility.

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Can you drive with a broken fog light?

Is driving without fog lights illegal in foggy conditions? It’s not illegal to drive without your fog lights in poor conditions, however, it’s best to do so as they help other drivers spot you from a distance. You are legally obligated to use your headlights in foggy conditions, however.

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