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Is the Acura RSX a 4 seater?

Four people fit inside the RSX, which features two front bucket seats and a 50/50-split, folding rear seat.

Does Acura RSX have back seats?

For exceptional versatility, the RSX is equipped with 50/50 split-folding rear seats that greatly extend the cargo capacity of the cargo area.

Is the Acura RSX a sports car?

One popular vehicle in this list is an American alternative to a Honda sports car: the Acura RSX. It’s a cheap, fun, and maneuverable front-wheel-drive racer that’s shockingly effective in low-tier motorsports events (i.e. Autocross or S.C.C.A. races).

Is RSX a fun car?

Compared to today’s crop of much-larger compact cars, the RSX feels nimble, agile and easier to drive than most. It’s larger than the Type R, but the fun-to-drive spirit is still there. The seats are still comfortable, the VTEC system still makes fun noises, and the interior still feels upscale, even by 2021 standards.

Is a Acura RSX a good car?

Like most Acura vehicles, the RSX boasts a high level of refinement as well as a reputation for above-average reliability, competitive pricing and strong resale value. In road tests, our editors found the RSX’s main performance strengths to be nimble handling and responsive steering.

Is the RSX safe?

Safety. The Acura RSX comes with standard four-wheel antilock disc brakes and side airbags for front occupants. In government crash tests, the RSX received five out of five stars for driver and front-passenger protection in frontal impacts. In side-impact tests, it received four stars for front-occupant protection.

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What RSX has VTEC?

Acura i-VTEC Engine The Acura RSX’s 4-cylinder K-Series engine features intelligent VTEC or (i-VTEC), which electronically adjusts valve lift, valve timing and cam timing, giving the 2.0L engine a flatter torque curve and smooth power transition relative to previous VTEC implementations which only adjusted valve lift …

Are Acura RSX reliable?

You could probably argue that video games and movies have contributed to its sustained popularity. However, we believe the Acura RSX has survived this long due to its high reliability. Users on have given it an overall score of 4.5 out of 5.0 based on its performance and reliability.

Are Acura RSX expensive to maintain?

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Acura RSX ranges from $95 to $2261, with an average of $286.

Is there a Acura RSX Type R?

The Acura RSX Type R is the high performance version of the RSX. The R stands for race, while a Type S stands for sport version. While these two cars are quite similar, there are differences. The R has a slightly bigger engine, 220hp versus 200hp.