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Is the RSX Type S fun to drive?

Compared to today’s crop of much-larger compact cars, the RSX feels nimble, agile and easier to drive than most. It’s larger than the Type R, but the fun-to-drive spirit is still there. The seats are still comfortable, the VTEC system still makes fun noises, and the interior still feels upscale, even by 2021 standards.

Is the RSX Type S reliable?

However, we believe the Acura RSX has survived this long due to its high reliability. Users on have given it an overall score of 4.5 out of 5.0 based on its performance and reliability. You could still see fully customized Acura RSXs in car shows all over North America.

Whats the difference between RSX and RSX Type S?

Is Type R better than Type S?

Sure, the drags result is clear: the first Type R uses its light weight and LSD to power ahead, but the Type R/S gear ratios and a fraction more power makes it dead-even with the more powerful (and more torque) Type S.

Is RSX a good daily?

After all, a stock RSX makes a great daily driver and with a few simple handling upgrades can be the perfect canyon carver. Cue searching for wheels, interior trim, and of course a few additional engine ‘tweaks’.

What does Type S mean on Acura RSX?

The A-Spec and Type-S marques represent the high-performance divisions of cars produced by Acura. Acura utilized the Type R marque for their high-performance division of cars from 1997 to 2001, when they produced the Acura Integra Type R.

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What engine is in the RSX Type S?

With a curb weight of 2840 lbs (1288 kgs), the RSX Type-S has a naturally-aspirated Inline 4 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code Honda K20A-series. This engine produces a maximum power of 210 PS (207 bhp – 154 kW) at 7800 rpm and a maximum torque of 194.0 Nm (143 lb. ft) at 7000 rpm.

Is Type S VTEC?

The buyer of the new Type S can choose between two 140 HP (103 kW) engines. The petrol engine is a 1.8-litre SOHC i-VTEC one, which has already made its debut in the Civic 5-door.

Is there an RSX Type R?

What does Honda Type S mean?

Put simply, Type S badge means that the car is sportier. But Acura gets more specific saying that each car has to stop, turn, and go better than the standard model it’s based on. See: 2021 Acura TLX Type S Coming In May, Will Start In The Low $50,000s.