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Spectacular Bus Fire in Italy Caused by CNG Fuel

The internet has spit out another Spectacular Burning Vehicle clip, this time featuring a city bus geysering massive columns of fire in multiple directions The bus near Perugia, Italy, is powered by a good, old fashioned internal combustion engine that burns compressed natural gas like your farm boy neighbor’s Super Duty.

According to, nobody was hurt when the bus caught fire while being driven by a company mechanic, who was able to escape before the flames got out of control. Perugia’s fire brigade extinguished the fire after it spread to adjacent woods. When they happen, how do they happen?

The column of fire is a feature, not a bug. The flames are following columns of natural gas that are being vented away from the burning bus, keeping as much of the fuel away from the fire as possible and giving passengers time to escape.

The incident where a bus struck an urban tunnel in Sweden shows what can happen when there’s limited clearance for those flame jets.

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