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What color wires go to alternator?

Ans: Connect the positive cord to the positive terminal of the alternator. One cable connects to the starter motor, while the other connects to your battery if your alternator has two positive terminals. The two positive cables will be red and will be located nearby.

Where do the three wires on an alternator go?

Which wire on alternator goes to the battery?

Attach a cable directly from the alternator output post to the positive side of the battery. This allows for full output from the alternator to the battery when heavy electrical demands are placed on the alternator. Wire the alternator controls.

What is the blue wire on my alternator for?

An alternator needs a 12v supplied circuit to ‘excite’ the windings so it can start to charge. This blue wire comes from the one side or the alternator light and the other side of the light comes from switched 12v+ supply. So in other words – this wire supplies that exciter circuit.

How do you hook up alternator wires?

What are the 4 terminals on an alternator?

IG terminal – Ignition switch that turns the voltage regulator on. L terminal – Closes the circuit to the warning lamp. B terminal – Main alternator output terminal (connected to the battery) F terminal – Full-field bypass for regulator.

What happens if you dont ground an alternator?

Poor ground connections are a cause of low charging output. There are positive and negative battery cable connections, the BAT+ power connection, and the engine ground strap. Overcharging can be caused by voltage dropping on the negative side.

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Where should I ground my alternator?

Can a one wire alternator drain a battery?

The most likely cause of battery drain is a leaky diode in the alternator or a load connected with the ignition off, but it doesn’t matter if it’s 3-wire or 1-wire.

Do you need a voltage regulator with a one wire alternator?

The only thing required to electronically hookup a one wire alternator is to run a charge wire from the battery terminal on the alternator to the positive terminal on the battery (or any positive battery source). The external regulator can be either totally removed from the firewall or left in place.