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What does a Honda VTEC solenoid do?

At the switch point a solenoid is actuated that allows oil pressure from a spool valve to operate a locking pin which binds the high RPM rocker arm to the low RPM ones. From this point on, the valves open and close according to the high-lift profile, which opens the valve further and for a longer time.

What does the code P1259 mean?

A P1259 code is the indication of a problem, fault, or failure in the electrical control/monitoring system of the VTEC mechanism on Bank 1 caused by a signal from the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) detecting an issue with it. Bank 1 refers to the bank of cylinders that includes cylinder number 1 on V-type engines.

What does a bad VVT solenoid do?

When the VVT solenoid is malfunctioning, the entire system can be compromised, which may result in intake and exhaust valves opening and closing at the wrong time. This typically causes the fuel economy to drastically reduce.

Why does my VTEC solenoid keep going bad?

The fact the solenoid continuously fails may indicate that electrical side or mechanical side behind it is not working properly. You can do two things to start off diagnostics. First, considering the interaction with engine oil, remove the assembly the solenoid connects to and check for deposits.

How do I know if VTEC is working?

The meter should read very very low voltage until vtec hits. If vtec activates then the voltage should read around 12. if not then your ecu may not be functioning properly.

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What does the VTEC sensor do?

The VTEC system essentially combines low-RPM fuel efficiency and stability with high-RPM performance. And the transition occurs seamlessly, allowing for smooth performance across the entire powerband. The switching operation between the two cam lobes is controlled by the engine computer.

What does the VTEC pressure switch do?

The variable valve timing oil pressure switch is a normally open switch located at the VVT solenoid. When the VTEC oil pressure switch closes, the voltage should drop to zero. This is how the PCM knows if oil pressure was applied to the VTEC system. When this system fails to operate properly the ECM may set a code.

How do you test a VTEC oil pressure switch?

To test for the 10 volts, set your meter on the DC 20 setting. The connector must be plugged into the sensor/switch to get the desired reading. “Jam” the leads into the backside of the connector and turn the ignition on to get the reading. To test for continuity, yes, you have the meter set correctly.

Where is the VTEC solenoid on Honda CRV?

Can I drive with a bad VVT solenoid?

Can You Drive with a Bad VVT Solenoid? Even though you may technically be able to continue driving with a bad VVT solenoid, the issue can cause damage to additional parts, such as the VVT actuator. So, you should address the issue as soon as possible.