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What does ACC mean in an Acura?

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow While cruising on the highway, engage the ACC and the system prompts you to select a short, medium, long or extra-long interval from a vehicle detected ahead. Once speed is set (between 25 and 90 MPH), you can raise or lower it with the steering-wheel controls.

How do you turn on lane Keep Assist?

What does LKAS mean in a car?

The Feature: The Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) is designed to help keep a vehicle centered in a detected lane, applying mild steering torque if it determines the vehicle is drifting toward the side of the lane.

Does Acura RDX have lane assist?

Acura models with the Lane Keeping Assist System will automatically apply corrective steering to center you in the detected lane. There’s a host of driver assistance and safety technologies included with every Acura vehicle. Content may not apply to all models.

How do you use cruise control on Acura MDX?

Does Acura RDX have collision avoidance?

Early Warning Systems: Every RDX comes equipped with a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and a Forward Collision Warning (FCW).

What is the difference between lane departure and lane assist?

Lane-keeping assist and lane departure warning are industry terms for tech that focuses on keeping a car from drifting out of its lane. Lane departure warning systems merely alert the driver when the car is leaving its lane, while lane-keeping assist actually works to keep the car from moving out of the lane.

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Does lane assist work in snow?

If the roadway is covered with snow, leaves, fog or debris, the lane keeping assist may not be able to detect the lane markings on the road. Turning your wheel will override this feature after it activates.

Does lane keeping assist work at night?

“Nighttime driving and driving in the rain limit the ability for these advanced systems to perceive their environment.” Lane-keeping assist systems use a camera to gauge the contrast between lines and the pavement. And when that contrast isn’t clear, the systems don’t work as well.

How good is lane Keep Assist?

A Consumer Reports survey found 73% of owners “very satisfied” with LDW, and 74% with LKA. More important, about a third credited each system with having helped them avoid a crash.