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What does service due soon b mean on a Acura?

B. Replace engine oil, oil filter, inspect front and rear brakes, check parking brake adjustment, expiry date for tire repair kit, tie rod ends, steering gearbox, suspension components, driveshaft boots, brake hoses, fluid levels, exhaust system, fuel lines and any other maintenance items specific to your Acura.

What does service B mean on a Acura TL?

Acura B service is the routine service that covers the maintenance your vehicle needs to run like new on the Buda roads. This type of service includes oil changes, tire rotations, vehicle inspections, and more.

What does code B12 mean on Acura RDX?

A B12 service is, “B” = Replace engine oil/filter, inspect brakes/tie rod ends/steering gear box/suspension/driveshaft boots/brake hoses and lines/all fluids/exhaust system/fuel lines and connections. “1” = Rotate tires. “2” = Replace air cleaner element/replace dust and pollen filter/inspect drive belt.

When should I change rear differential fluid Acura MDX?

This requires differential fluid changes more frequently than recommended by the Maintenance Minder. If you regularly drive your vehicle under these conditions, have the differential fluid changed at 7,500 miles (12,000 km), then every 15,000 miles (24,000 km).

What is the B service on an Acura RDX?

What is B Service for Acura? Acura “B” service covers the routine tasks you’ll need to perform to keep your Acura running smoothly. These jobs include an oil and filter change, brake service, and a multi-point inspection performed by an Acura-certified mechanic.

What does a B1 service include?

If the Maintenance Minder in your Honda car, SUV, or truck is showing a Honda B1 service code, you may be wondering, “What is Honda B1 service?” The letter “B” means that your vehicle is due for an oil change and a mechanical inspection, and the number “1” means that a tire rotation is required.

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What is a B1 code on an Acura?

The B in this Maintenance Minder code represents a mechanical inspection and oil and filter change. The “1” in B-1 represents that it’s time for the vehicle’s tires to be rotated. B-1 service also targets the brake system for inspection and repairs as needed.

What does B1 mean on my Acura TL?

Everything included in B1 service. Air filter replacement. Dust and pollen filter replacement. Drive belt inspection. Any necessary maintenance tasks.

How do I turn off B1 Service Acura?

Press the Select/Reset button and hold it for 10 seconds until the oil life indicator and maintenance code start flashing. Keep holding the button until the oil life indicator resets to 100% and the Honda B1 service light disappears.

How much is an Acura tune up?

How Much Does An Acura Maintenance Plan Cost? According to RepairPal, the average annual cost of an Acura maintenance plan is $501.