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What is the difference between 24SI and 28SI alternator?

The 24SI is available in J180 or pad mounting configurations. The 28SI high output alternator was designed to address vehicle applications that require higher electrical output, but also want lower weight, improved temperature capability, and fuel savings.

How much does a 200 amp alternator weigh?

Key features and benefits include: Offers the highest efficiency rating among major 12v heavy-duty alternators in North America, providing improved fuel economy; Weighs 21.8 lbs., which is approximately 6.8 lbs.

How do I know if my Delco Remy alternator?

Delco Remy CS130D alternators were used on GM vehicles between 1994-Beyond. Two key identification points of the CS130D alternator is the internal fan and vented case with a serpentine belt pulley and the 4 charge indicator light terminals (all the same size) that appear on the backside of the alternator.

How do you wire a Delco alternator?

What is a J180 mount?

Some competitive type alternators also have the longer 4.97-inch pad mount span. J180 Mount. The J180 mount is available in two mounting size dimensions: a long hinge and a short hinge. Replacing with Adjustable Slide Bracket Mount.

What is difference between 10SI and 12SI alternator?

Out back, a 12SI has much larger cooling vents than a 10SI, and a 10SI has more cooling vents than an older DN-series alternator. Besides having a higher amp output, SI-series alternators also begin charging at much lower engine rpm (which is beneficial when cruising, for example) than older-style alternators.

Why do I need a high output alternator?

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You’re able to reduce the depth of a battery’s discharge—also known as cycling. That’s because an oversized alternator produces more output at lower speeds, including idle. That increased output prevents the battery from having to help supply the load—and this keeps it at a more ideal state of charge.

Can I put a bigger alternator on my truck?

You can never have too much amperage when it comes to alternators; therefore, you never have to worry about choosing an alternator with too high of a rated output. Here’s why: Amperage is basically the amount of electrical current your alternator can supply. And it basically operates off of supply and demand.

What are the 3 wires on a GM alternator?

What are the two wires on a GM alternator?

The 10- and 12-SI units use a different two-wire connector plug on the rear of the alternator. The Number 1 wire on the 10- or 12-SI is connected to the charge warning light on the dash. The Number 2 wire is what is called the voltage sensing wire.