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Will the Acura Integra coming back?

Acura has revealed a prototype of the new Integra, a historic nameplate making its return after a long absence. It shares a chassis and a powertrain with the latest Honda Civic. The 2023 Integra hatchback will go on sale in the U.S. starting sometime in 2022.

Is there going to be a 2022 Integra?

Acura has revealed that the Integra will return in 2022 after a 20-year hiatus and has previewed the external appearance with a new “Prototype.” The Acura Integra is a crucial car for the Japanese luxury automaker in the year 2022.

Is Honda releasing a new Integra?

What’s New for 2023? Acura’s revived Integra is an all new model for 2023 and is expected to go on sale in June 2022.

Will there be a Type S Integra?

This official future product roadmap from Acura shows the automaker will launch a new Type S compact sedan in 2022.

Why was the Integra discontinued?

In March 2006, Honda announced that the Integra would be discontinued in June after its final 300 cars were sold, due to the shrinkage of the coupe market. The reaction of the consumers towards the discontinuation, however, forced Honda to extend production until July 2006 and produce 150 more Integras.

How much is the new Integra gonna?

Prices. The 2023 Integra carries a starting price of $31,895. The A-Spec package adds another $2,000 to the price. A-Spec models with the Technology package are priced at $36,895 no matter whether you opt for the CVT or manual transmission.

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Will the new Integra be hybrid?

A more explosive Type S model will most likely follow at a later date, but one thing’s for sure now: there won’t be an Integra Hybrid. In fact, stop looking for hybrids anywhere in the Acura lineup when the current NSX bows out after the 2022 model year.

Will 2023 Acura Integra have AWD?

The reveal of the all-new 2023 Acura Integra is coming up real soon. The brand’s U.S. arm recently announced that participating dealers will start accepting pre-orders on March 10.

Will there be a 11th Gen Type R?

Honda’s Hottest Hatch Set For a Second Generation Honda has confirmed that a fully redesigned Type R will join the 11th-generation Civic family with a debut later this year.

Will there be a 2023 Integra Type R?

2023 Acura/Honda Integra Type R Hits the CGI Blender Gunning for the AMG CLA 35. Previewed by a prototype last fall, the Acura Integra is making a comeback this spring, with the automaker officially announcing that they will open reservations for it on March 10.